Remember when you where little ? Perhaps back in the 80″s when Transformers where “kids kinda cool”  ? When Michael Bay was still blowing stuff up in his bedroom and had not gotten the chance to pick up the Transformer franchise ? Back in those days the biggest transformer toy you could buy would have been Metroplex. This is probably the laziest Transformer alive because he Transforms into a City. A CITY ! Why ? Is there a way to be more useless and lazy ? (Metroplex just lays around all day watching traffic jams go by near his groin area). But hey : the toy was cool .. it was HUUUGE.  Well .. not anymore. Hasbro has just reinvented Metroplex. And this baby will look huge in your living room but also quite formidable on your credit card statement when you buy him. Your beloved wife/girlfriend won’t speak to you for a month and you will have no room anymore for your cat/dog/kid in that little apartment .. But hey .. its METROPLEX.

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