grafitiNot everybody uses the internet as their canvas. Not everyone is a part of the web 2.0 community. Not everybody's creative ideas flow forth from the backlight of a TFT display. Some people stick to using more conventional ways of expressing their artistic feelings. Here in town for example we have an art-school. This can be very entertaining to look at. Watching all those artsy students walk through the highstreet wearing stuff that you can only get away with if you ARE in fact going to an art school. Artsy things you know… Now these boyz and girlz might not only LOOK like they walked straight out of the next MAD MAX sequel, they make awesomely cool stuff to. And the icing on the cake is that everybody can enjoy their work if they want to. 

Most of you might think grafiti is ugly. And most of the juvenile tagging-like graffiti mostly is, yet the urban jungle offers graffiti artists plenty of room to do their thing. But here is where the fun part comes. Why not take a heap of gray concrete, take an art-school and put them in close proximity. Next USE the gray stuff as a canvas for the next artistic expression class and Voila ! Art for the city to enjoy !

I snapped a few shots and brought them to the web. Creative right are of course the propery of the grafiti artist (whoever that may be so just enjoy the pretty pictures.)

More HERE. 

 And if you are a fan : Why not use the miracle of tagged pictures and dive into the Flickr-Farm to look for spray paint extravaganza all across the globe. Spray Away !  



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