If there is one thing that held me back from enjoying Linux, then it must be VI ! “Vi”is an anchient terminal program that lets you edit textfiles. Not like a word processor or anything, no : Configuration files. Now it might look very simple (or prime evil)  if you look at it, but it has a LOT of functions. The only downside to the darn thing is : There are about 20 ways to do every task. Closing and saving a file can be done by ten different key combinations, you have the most bizarre ways of browsing through a file.. Stuff that would give a Borg a headache. But for those of you who DO want to be old-school Linux zealots : Here is your VI manual !  For others who use the a graphical user interface I suggest using “GEDIT” and if you do find yourself stuck in commandline-land you might want to taste some “NANO”

Here is a very boring video about how VI looks.


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