Vi, Gedit and Nano Manuals. Learn how to code from the command line.

Jul 04

If there is one thing that held me back from enjoying Linux, then it must be VI ! “Vi”is an anchient terminal program that lets you edit textfiles. Not like a word processor or anything, no : Configuration files. Now it might look very simple (or prime evil)  if you look at it, but it has a LOT of functions. The only downside to the darn thing is : There are about 20 ways to do every task. Closing and saving a file can be done by ten different key combinations, you have the most bizarre ways of browsing through a file.. Stuff that would give a Borg a headache. But for those of you who DO want to be old-school Linux zealots : Here is your VI manual !  For others who use the a graphical user interface I suggest using “GEDIT” and if you do find yourself stuck in commandline-land you might want to taste some “NANO”

Here is a very boring video about how VI looks.


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