Now here is interesting news. A short while ago Google released their Linux version of Google desktop. Along with Google Earth its another popular Google app that makes the transfer to the open source world. Now as for me : I would not touch Google Desktop with a five foot pole. No seriously : I hate applications that index the data you have, sniff around on your hard drive and turn every file inside out. Sure its convenient to Google your own system and they probably have the best search algorithms this side of Neptune but hey … Its still MY DATA.  The end user agreement that comes with Google Desktop search requires your own private team of legal advisors just to make heads or tales of it. And with Google's general goal in life to be " Gather all data" (sorry , INDEX all data) i'm not entirely sure if my private data is going to be all that private for much longer. 


So to my surprise Google is now even hosting their own Linux repositories that you can add to your Feisty Fawn or other flavor of Ubuntu just to make sure that you get the goods from the right rep's. It comes with a simple how to on adding them to your .sources list so you can download Google Earth and Google Desktop on your Feisty system from the source.  And just to prove its genuine ? Check out the dull Google blue-on-white approach to the page design that is so exiting it would push a ADD-kid into a coma. 

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