I slowly wrap my hands around the steaming cup. Almost too hot to touch, yet too tempting to leave be. The sounds of the dawn shout in their absence as I only hear the gentle ticking of the clock. Marching toward a world that just awakens. Some people need their morning cup "to get them started". Others need it because it makes them less moody. Some even need it to just keep moving along. I need my morning cup of cappuccino to stop time. To give me one solemn moment in my day where I focus my entire being on myself and the cup. The taste of the coffee, the smell, the sound of my own breathing and the absence of everything that we call the modern world. In the morning, on my way to work, I rush by a little house, where, behind a window a man sits and reads his newspaper. Beside him .. his own steaming cup of coffee. He too is enjoying that little island of peace. That rests between the nook of sleeping and rushing. That little island of serenety where one is awake enough to enjoy the peace. Savor a world that is not so hectic. Not so rushed. Just a little pause before the melody of  life.

 Picture : April14 on Flickr.

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