Roundup of the week. 'Lets get Phisical'.

Aug 09

floorAlmost a week since my last update ! Oh my am I ever ashamed. Yet to be honest I’ve got another great excuse up my sleeve to tell you guys (and girls) why you had to miss new stuff from the  cutting edge of real and cyberspace. I (or should I say WE ) have been pretty busy tearing up the floor in our living room and putting  down new one. Yep : Physical labour galore ! (For me a totally new sensation) One of the fun things I got to do was tear of all the carpet from the floor (when the former is glued to the latter one does need quite a bit of muscle) After that it was time to take the crowbar and remove the wooden plates that where nailed to the floor. So a lot of physical work, swearing, hulk-like moments (where I showed a tremendous ammount of strength) and even some sweat. The result ? A clean living room floor with new floorboards being layed in as we speak. In the meantime Nyana was repainting the walls and all that Jazz. It has been quite hard work and it left me totally worn down by the end of the day… yet there is some kind of satisfaction that somebody can draw from labours like this. Doing something tangible as opposed to working on the computer. It gives a "man" this kind of primal satisfaction. For a Cerebral-oriented individual like me .. that’s quite a change.

imacWith all the hammering and tearing going down I almost forgot to check out the new Imacs. I've only bought mine two weeks ago and it looks like I already have an "old model". I could swear at the fact that the new Imacs are 20" models with faster processors, DVD writers and more HD space for roughly the same price.. but take comfort in the fact I would never again buy a 'first batch' product from apple. I'll wait until they iron the bugs out ( If you ask me I'm very curious about the keyboard they put out, cant wait to try it, cause overall the white apple keyboards i have suck balls ;( )

My whole Web 2.0 life is starting to take of again with a lot emailing going on between Me and Dave Gray from the GGP, listening to a series of podcasts and even sighing on to Twitter ! I think I am slowly healing from the information-technology overload that resulted in me being off the social networking grid for three weeks. And I must admit I’ve missed all of the friends I have made there. Hopefully when the living room is done I'll have some more time to just sit down behind my (OLD BUT GOOD) Imac and get in touch with the virtual world a little more. Now if you don't mind its time to get my gloves and get to work.. Stil have a floor to finish !.

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