FREE ONE HOUR MP3's OF DJ TIëSTO IN CONCERT ALL OVER THE WORLD.  There, That will get both yours and Google's attention I hope. But rest assured : This is no Idle spam I"m boasting my friends. I'm seldom hyped about anything but what I had fished up on Itunes this week did pop my brain this morning.


I admitt, I'm a fan.. What do I say : I'm a BIG fan of Mr Tiësto.. Having found MP3's from his work on Napster ten years ago I knew who "Thijs" was far before the masses today. A few years ago me and my wife got to see him in action with the "Magic" Concert in our town of Hasselt and we where thrilled beyond belief. As I wrote in my review back then : This IS religion in motion 🙂

clublifeEver since I have "bought" every new album he brought out. And the keyword here is BOUGHT since I refuse to download his stuff illegally cause he is so damn good and he is one of the few artists that deserves my hard earned money. So what am I jumping up and down about ? Well in a random search on the Itunes Music store I stumbled across " Tiesto's Clublife Podcast " A one hour episode featuring a full mix of DJ Tiësto in action somewhere across the globe. Audio quality is extremely good and there are only a few little "Jingles" integrated in the podcast.


So 35 minutes into this months mix (there is one episode each month) I was hopping up and down in my car and to be quite frank : My day could not have started better. So I rushed towards my computer to tell you guyz about it. Its fantastic to see an artist "cyber-minded" enough to pimp his stuff on the web and let us enjoy !!! So rush over to Itunes and enjoy.

Links :  Tiesto's Clublife podcast RSS (paste link into your podcatcher)  *** The Radio 358 site that hosts the podcast. (in Dutch) *** Our pictures from the Tiësto concerts : MAGIC and ELEMENTS OF LIFE *** The original Tiesto Article of the Magic Concert.

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