framesThere, The living room is finished an all the furniture is back where it belongs. Doing the finishing touches tool a little longer then we thought but we wanted it to be perfect and now it is. All we need is some pictures in the frames and the stuff is good to go. (But those last few things are Nyana's department, she is after all the Style guru of the house). When looking for original art its amazing what you can find on Flickr. Dozens of great photographers, thousands of wonderful pictures … and all original art that NONE of the "Offliners*) (*non web 2.0 aware people) have. I mean, If you go into the IKEA these days there is nice affordable art to buy and hang in your home. The only thing is : Everybody has them. The "lighthouse", the "Audrey Hepburn" and other big posters / frame that you can buy by the dozen. So I decided the art in our house should be something different.

A little browsing on Flickr, an A3 printer and some clever cutting and pasting (with real glue) made for some interesting and unique picture frames in the house. 

So there you go : Integrate technology and the web 2.0 in your life and be a little creative. But be sure to ask permission from the artist. Its not ok to get rich of their work, so if you are thinking of selling of your nice originals … that would be a violation of creative commons.  But for the rest .. Knock yourself out !.

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