Results of the Poll ! (and a new poll)

May 08

A few days ago I posted a little article about what kind of content you guyz (and girls) liked best on the site. With over a hundred votes to nill you chose the "Technical How To's" as your 'most loved' item on I want to thank you all for taking the time to take the poll, but just want to point out : This is not purely a tech blog. You are going to have to endure some artsi-fartsy exploits of my colorfull persona now and then. And even my rantings about what has been going down with the Knight once in a while.




But in order to tailor the site to the visitors taste, please take your time to take the SECOND poll where you can tell me WHAT kind of tech content you want to hear more about. That way I can see what kind of tech articles and howto's i'm gonna write up over the next few weeks.

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