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Jan 17

Every morning I have this little routine. After breakfast I go up to my home server, and disconnect my Ipod that has been charging all night. I mostly do it JUST before I leave the house ? Why  ? So I can let my Itunes scan for content until the last minute. Why's that I hear you mumble once more . Well , THAT is because i'm subscribed to some 30 podcasts that I like to listen to every week. Most of them are about news and technology of course. But there is the occasional off-topic podcast (about Ghosts, about Buddhism ..) that slides in.

But the last few days i've become addicted to this great audio book by J.C. Hutchins called : Seventh Son. I think this is about the fourth complete book i've listened to on my Ipod. It started out last year with Scott Sigler's EARTHCORE and after that his other 2 books Infection and Ancestor. Two fantastic works of fiction, read by Scott himself. The cool part is : not only are these great stories to listen to, you can listen to them for free. And because they are read by the author, the really knows how to "tell" the story.

Since there is a new episode out of their story every week, it of course keeps me craving for more as yet another podcast ends on a cliffhanger. So dive into Itunes or look for these gentlemen on their respective websites and become entangled in the Pod-iobook web.


J.C. Hutchins : Seventh son Audiobook. 


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