Don't you just hate it when you have to send large files over the internet ? I mean .. anyting bigger than two megabytes is a bitch to pump over the lines. One just cannot cram it in an email (for gods sake : that technology is for TEXT only actually) Not everyone has an FTP account where you can up and download stuff for them. So whats left ? Doing your own file Bar-Mitsva and cutting the file into peaces ? Or perhaps the other hard-timer : Waiting for your contant to come on line and sending it via Instant Messaging.

Free one gigabyte online file storage : Or you can use : http://www.thebox.net its an on line ONE GIGABYTE file storage service that lets you store your stuff ON LINE for FREE. So up to One gig its free (mind you : the files you upload are only allowed to be 10 megs per file if you use the free account). Payed accounts go upto 5 gigabytes. You can also make certain 'folders' in your box and share these out to the world. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me, certainly with all this cool web 2.0 stuff flying around. Now you can use a wordprocessor on line, and store your files on-line too. Who the frack needs a harddrive anyway 🙂

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