Way to early in the morning once more, but my on line banking still had to be done and the looming dread of unpaid bills had overshadowed me in my dreams. So at about five thirty am I allready had bitten into the sour grape and got my stuff done. Enough money to buy me a small Powerbook went 'poof' as once again its time to pay taxes. I HATE that ! … But the good thing is I found this cool hack on line how to turn your pc into a terminal server.

Remote desktop hack : As you know : With remote desktop you can log into an xp machine remotely, but the bummer is that the currently logged in user gets bumped out. Not with this hack ! It enables you to tweak XP in such a way that it will accept one LOCAL user (who is behind the keyboard at the machine) and TWO remote users to connect to the machine at the same time. For me personally this opens up a great realm of possibilities. Imagine using my high end system as a 'terminal server' that is mainly used as a media center (recording video, playing mp3"s and so on) and whenever we need XP-Computing-Power we can connect to it with our MACS via remote desktop :)Of course i'm gonna try this out ! I just Have to … Here is the link my geeky friends.

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