The big buzzword on the net these days must be " TWITTER " a sort of "microblogging service" that allows you to quickly enter what you are doing at the moment , and posts that on a website (or integrates it into an RSS feed ) Somehow people think this is the most exiting thing since apple pie, but don't ask me why. With Twitter you can add friends to your little Twitterworld so you can see what they are doing and they can see what you are up to. Now I must say : I dont particularly lie awake at night because I'm not telling people on Twitter that I can't sleep. Nor do I toss and turn in my bed not knowing what others are doing at this very moment. Yet the buzz about this service is all over the place. 

After spouting my opinions on the GGP about the whole Twitterthing I was challenged by a listener to at least give it a try. So for arguments sake (and arguments sake alone!) i shall dabble into the Twitter world , if only to prove you that services like this show you how boring people's life is or .. how people can be compulsive liars in making crap up just to beef up their Twit's.  Hence the "twitterbar" if you look to your right where you can see an rss feed of my own " twits" or "tweets" (whatever they call this entries).  I will give it a buzz for a week and see how it goes. But for now i'm already irritated that I have to be on a PC to use Twitter. If there was a client for my TREO that I could use .. Then i would be more exited about the service.

But speaking about RSS : The BLUEDOT feed that you can also find on your right sports an RSS feed of the latest BOOKMARKS I made online, and THAT is more interesting then whether  or not i'm changing my socks for the first time in two weeks. Keep your eye on that little list or go over to my Blue dot profile to check out what i've bookmarked. The cool thing about THIS service is that I can bookmark from anywhere and have all my "findings" in a nice little tagged list that YOU can take a peak at as well.  Far more interesting then Twitter I think !


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