Nathalie does Vermeer 2.0

Mar 16

A bit of a special post today, just to let you see that there might still be hope for the future. If we think that kids these days only spend their time on myspace, text their thumbnails away or hang out in msn until the keyboard breaks. As the digital age speeds up more and more the next generation diverts even further into the digital realm and it look like some "classic skills" might become obsolete.

Take painting for one. Most kids these days whack around their content in Photoshop, combine the most hideous colors on their myspace account and would think a classical crayon to be something to go with their Palm Treo. But luckily , their are exceptions to the rule.  For example , take Nathalie. A member of the young cyber-generation that cast away her mouse and keyboard for a short while and ( behold ) took it upon here to PAINT with actual PAINT (not ms-Paint) and an actual BRUSH (not a Photoshop brush). Now little Nathalie does not dabble with potato figurines or Barba-Pappa’s. She grabs hold of the lace collar of none other then Vermeers ( one of the great Dutch masters) and his most famous painting  : The girl with the pearl earring. A very famous peace !



What blew me away is not only the initiative of doing something like this (bless the teacher) but the quality of her reproduction. Perhaps it’s a copy of a masterpiece, but its more then a copy, its like Vermeer stuck it in a Timemachine, warped it into the mind of little Nathalie and inspired her to give it a .. contemporary twist. Kind of a  Vermeers 2.0 version of the same work, but this time by a TWELVE year old kid !  Wicked work Nathalie ! Awesome !

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