Best deal on Ebay (so far)

Mar 16

 So bite me for being a big bad geek, I don't really care cau se this week I might have done my best buy yet on the wonderful world of Ebay. As you all know i'm an avid Star Trek fan (no costumes, no ears , I just like the show and love to read the novels). Reading Star Trek Novels is something i've been enjoying for years now and it had significantly improved my English vocabulary up to the point that I cant stand to read a Dutch sci-fi book of the genre at all. Now getting your hands on one of these baby's is far from easy. Since its a little bit of a niche market (and its in another language) there are almost no bookstores around here that carry them. Until a few years ago I had to go to the MEKANIK comic book shop in Antwerp where I would " Find many, Pay more " for those little paperbacks (and hardcovers) Recently I have found a line of second hand stores called " De Sleghte "  in Maastricht and Leuven that occasionally have some. Prices are cheaper but the books are second hand too. (no matter though) The bitch is : When you want to buy a series of books (for example book one ,book two ..) of a particular story, your often screwed cause most of the times on of the books in the sequence is gone. So the intriguing "S.C.E." series recently published had not been mine to own.

Imagine my surprise while wasting some time on Ebay, when I  was squandering some time in the searchbox looking for "Star Trek". Suddenly I found four books of the SCE series in mint condition for .. 1.9 euro's ! ( 2.5 $ us). I placed a bid expecting the price to soar upwards at the end of the sale. BUT ! I won !  ! ! ! For 5 euro's I had the four books shipped to my very home. When I look at the price of these baby's in the Mekanik Store ( 15 euro's a POP) I can only say : I did my best deal on Ebay so far !. 

And just for that we now sing a little song together ! 🙂



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