One of the shows that allmost puts me in a Coma every time I see it , is MTV Cribs ! Some punked up rapper with too much money and about half a braincell does loooove to show people around his great house with its 4 pools, 3 Garages and 45 Plasma Tv’s so he can watch Martha Steward while taking a crap. But the voyeur inside of us does like to poke around in peoples houses to see ‘how they hang".

Well the question about "how they hang" in the highest penthouse apartment know to human kind .. has ALSO been answered. Thanx to Sharky we get a great video tour of the ISS Spacestation in this youtube video he sent in. The funny thing is that its A: Not at all "Spacy" (it looks more like the inside of a Russian Pop-bands Tourbus) AND that its damn Cramped. The one thing I noticed is that "Zero G" is not all that its worked up to be.

Sure you never "Fall Down" and impress your friends by propelling yoursellf by the power of your own farts, but you also need to strap EVERYTHING down.  So I hope you think of things like that when you see those ISS guys on Tv. Remember how cramped their little condo-in-space is. Ok , they have the greatest view OF the planet, but they also run the risk of being hit by (hopefully their own) flying poo.





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