Introducing : The Laundry Room.

Jan 09

Those of you who have been following me on Twitter over the holidays, might have noticed that there were a lot of tweets about "Renovating" flying back and forth. Yep .. its true. I’ve been hitting the DIY over the holidays, renovating our spare/laundry room into an office. When we moved in here we had the "office" upstairs in the attic. A big desk with the 24 inch Imac, Some extra screens, a couch, a tv .. it was a nice hangout.. But it was "upstairs" This meant that it was rather inconvenient to "computer away" as the better half was making dinner in the kitchen, or if one of us wanted to hang out on the porch. 

So Nyana moved the 24 inch Imac downstairs (Kitchen Table) because quite frankly : Technology is THAT MUCH a part of our daily lives. So the next logical step would be to move the rest of our office downstairs to an area that was more "in-line" with our daily routine. A geek hangout that still had the characteristics of ‘a geek hangout’ with plenty of room for computers, screens, stuff and geeky-memorabilia, but was not this intrusive ‘mission control-style’ technoblob in an otherwise stylish house. 

So we came up with a compromise and turned our spare/laundry room into a geek-o-sphere WITHOUT kicking out the laundry element of the room. The result ? A stylish use of a reserved amount of space. Maximum storage capabilities and total integration of the "secundary function" of the room (laundry room) into its primary function : Geek pad.


Before.  Before 



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