After releasing the last Docu Cast episode in the feed about how I have setup my own cross-platform, cross location podcatching setup, I got a request from listener @moonenmoonen on Twitter. Via the hashtag #dearknightwise he asked if I could post my podcatching list ( My “opml” file ) to the interwebs so others could take a peek at just WHAT i listen to on my phone / Ipod.

Who am I to pass up on such an opportunity opportunity opportunity opportunity opportunity I must say I was a little nervous at first. One’s “subscription list” is a very personal selection of tastes an interest. Content that is consumed mostly with headphones on or in the privacy of a driving car. Some subscriptions might appear very strange or bizar and might conflict with the general perception people have of you. ( I’m very surprised he listens to “this or that”) . Thats because some of the items on the list , might just be odd or seem out of context. So i’ll try to add some comments to every podcast as to why I find it so interesting.



The Knightcast.

Yes .. I subscribe to my own feed, to check if all the downloads are ok and I also listen back to my own shows to pick out errors that I make in grammar or pronunciation. I think its important to be a strong critic of my own work so I can improve my skills.

The Nosillacast podcast.

Delightful podcast by good friend Allison about all things technology with a slight macintosh bias. Great insightful content, great “chit chat” interviews and of course the adds for a car-repair man that have reached epic proportions.

The Mac Round Table.

Take some of the best Mac-related podcasters, throw them together in a virtual room and increase oxygen and caffeine levels. And you have the Mac Round Table. A great show with a variety of A-list hosts. I cringe at the ‘fanboyism’ sometimes, but the content and quality of the show makes up for that.

Mac Power-users Podcast.

Again I select a mac podcast from the ‘Circle of mac podcasters’ mentioned above. Katie Floyd has a great voice and brings calm, insightful and “powerful” mac tips to the apple users who subscribe.

The Linux Action show.

Whoever said Linux Podcasts are boring has not listened to the Linux Action Show. With news about Linux, the open source community and some hilarious banter, this is a geeks equivalent of a hilarious morning radio show.

Ubuntu Uk Podcast.

British humor, community news and the world of Linux through developers and community members eyes makes for a very interesting podcast with a non-us twist.

Going Linux.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the best Linux podcasts for new (and even experienced) Linux users. Larry and Tom bring the world of Linux down to an accesible, practical level where every user can get on board.

Lotta Linux Links podcast.

podcasting at 75 miles an hour is one of the last great ‘grass roots’ podcasts from the “age of curry” Unscripted, slightly chaotic unpredictable and extremely well informed. Dave Yates has … a lot of linux links.

Hacker Public Radio

This podcast is a “collective rss feed” for a variety of shows that cover a variety of topics related to the technological side of life. From urban camping to Python programming to tin-foil hat related issues, this podcast borders on the fringes but is excellent to listen to.

Tin Foil Hat show.

All the talk about cloud computing and the evaporation of our personal privacy is the center of CafeNinja’s podcast. With tips an tricks on how to avoid the big brother scenario of doom he teaches us to setup home servers and .. trust no-one.

Techie Geek podcast.

Another grass roots podcast I stay subscribe to because It clings to the principle of content over quality. Sometimes unscripted otherwise covering a variety of topics, Russ tells us about his geeky life and if you listen closely you’ll hear puppies in the background.

Fiction podcasts

It does not always have to be tech, sometimes I like to kick back, relax and enjoy a good story. Both Escape pod and Podcastle bring me just that. Great writers, great readers, great stories and a chance to lean back and let your mind wander free.

Escape Pod 



General information

Tedtalks Audio

I’m also a bit of a “common interest” geek and the ted talks are just fantastic for that. Its hard to describe the general topics in these recorded talks but there is always something there that is interesting. Makes you sound really smart when you talk about some of these topics around the water cooler.

Paranormal podcast with Jim Harold

You might think : Crackpot ! , but you are wrong. Jim Harold is in fact an excellent unbiased journalist who interviews authors and guest of his show about a variety of paranormal topics, From UFO’s to Harp, from Poltergeists to the moon landing. No matter how far off the rocker the guest is, Jim keeps our feet on the ground.

Aussie geek podcast

Friendly banter, geek news, an Aussie, A Canadian and me . Sunday mornings at 5.30 am I’m mostly there to record and boy is it fun. I will not say more except : Subscribe to this one !

Podcasters emporium

This is the only belly button podcast I subscribe to (a podcast about podcasting) but its one of the best. James Williams and Dave Gray are podcasting veterans and know the ropes line no-one else does. An exquisite podcast that not podcaster should be without.


Video Podcasts

I don’t have a lot of time to watch video podcasts but try to subscribe none the less. Most content that is NOT in this list is caught via my boxee box and I stream them in on demand. These shows below travel with me on my player.

Geek beat Tv.

Cali is just Dog-darn sweet and no matter WHAT your morning mood is, her cheery voice will perk you up.

Techzilla Weekly.

Veronica Belmont is the bad-ass cute girl that pounds you to a fine white pulp in online gaming and also knows her geek. I subscribe to the weekly episodes because the daily ones are a little too short for my taste.

Hack 5.

Darren and Snubs make an excellent duo. My great inspiration for “outstretched arm video blogging” is this coast-to-coast one man-woman show about all things hacking. Accessible to everyone and very very good !

Daily app show android apps ed.

A great place to pick up tips for my android phone applications.


Music Podcasts.

Since podcasting came along we seldom buy any new music anymore, nor do we listen to the radio in the car. The following music podcasts are both for me and @niejana who also loves to move to the grove. Our collective taste spans a very broad selection of music, or music podcast fix lies in chill , ambient and progressive trance. I’ll top on a few of the many.

Lifestyle Chill podcast.

Great chill tunes from down under.


An absolute MUST to subscribe to is TC’s Spacemusic podcast. Chill and Ambient sounds from “Rotterdam the Netherlands” and fantastic commentary with a heavy Dutch accent. I’ve been subscribed since 2005 and have ALL the episodes on my harddrive. I cannot recommend TC enough.

Chillcast with Anji Bee.

Nice loungy sounds and a fantastically sounding host.

Gareth emery podcast.

Weekly podcast from Australia’s number one Progressive DJ.

Best in trance.

A collection of Trance Podcasts from various streams. Great sampler to get to know new DJ’s.

Above and beyond trance around the world.

High quality trance from the guys from Above and Beyond. @niejana swears by this podcast and bobs her head up and down as she rides her Ford Fiesta through downtown traffic, raving away.

Air up there with tritonal.

My personal favorite trance and progressive podcast. Always filled with top tracks and one of the podcasts that is personally responsible for getting me a speeding ticket.


And some others …

The vocal trance sessions.

Tiesto’s club life.

A state of trance (armin van Buuren).

The Sound of Trance.

Club sunset.



There are of course other “occasional” podcasts I subscribe to ( Audiobooks from etc) but the list that you see above is the one I try to get through on a weekly basis. Quite beefy, but if you consider I spend about 3 hours in the car every day, I have some time to spare. I’ve been listening to podcasts since 2005 and the information and content that i’ve accumulated over the years has not only entertained me, it has also shaped my knowledge of the industry.  I’m a fan of the grass-roots non-corporate podcasts, and for that reason there are no “Leo Laporte – T.W.I.T. network shows in this list. I feel the highly “add-driven” content of these shows (although the adds are disguised as product placement chats that last up to five minutes). I feel abused as a listener having to sit through these “semi adds” and feel cheated when they say there are not supposed to be “adds” in podcasts. I don’t mind an add, but make it an add. 30 seconds / one minute long. Don’t do what Leo and his fellow twits do and turn it into a topic. I’m a grass roots podcast fan and love the geeky, nerdy, crazy world of podcasting by real people.


Instead of linking you to every podcast i’ve setup my own OPML FEED for you to download. Just download the file and import it into your podcatcher : OPML FEED KNIGHTWISE

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