And the weekend has come and gone again. Like marching soldiers the hours have slipped trough my fingers and I find myself once again on the other side of that lovely break from work-and-no-play.

Saturday morning was nice : I had about an hour to sit down and have a big ass cappuccino while trying to hook up my Ibook to my windows network. And Guess what : It worked ! (thanx Manu) So step by step my master plan is coming alive ..( cross platform/open source etc etc) I was very pleased to get it working, and it only proved that I CAN get things done if I only have the time to sit down and concentrate on them. After that me and the Swiftmeister went out to test some practical network knowledge and rerouted a clients network together. It was way fun to work together and we also did some messing around with testing my vpn connection to the knights castle and stuff. So I hope I’ll be able to combine both and get my shit together on the Ibook so I can get to the files on our server from anywhere.

We also took a peek at this guys SKYPE phone (and it got me thinking about lowering my own phone bill…) Its like Adam Curry said : Skype is going to be THE phone company. I'm going to check out the Skype phone rates to dial-out and dial-in, and who knows perhaps its cheaper ? But before that I’ll start installing Skype on my Pc's (and do some testing) So soon you guys can call me up on skype. I'll post details later.

In the afternoon we went into town and I got me my copy of HALF LIFE 2. I had been in doubt whether to buy Republic commando or Half life .. But decided to go with the classics, If only so I could play COUNTER STRIKE once again. After some on line multiplayer gaming I realized I’m not the sharp edged first-person-fragger I used to be (more of a slow moving canon-fodder newbie) So I have to get some practice. Restraining myself from gaming at night and having a big ass fragg-lagg in the morning (fragg-lagg = being tired during the day because you've been up gaming all night) I will have to get some practice in the weekends. But I deserved a good game … If only so shoot off some steam. The single player game is great by the way (atmosphere !!!) and I spaced out all Saturday afternoon ducking mutants and anti-riot police while killing of my enemies with my famous one-shot/one-kill headshot technique.

Sunday ? lounged out , slept in late .. Fixed up Nyana's Laptop into a good modus-operandy while lending here my little I-Book for the time being. It was cute to see her starting to 'feel the love' for that little machine. Although she's a Windows girl by heart. And not only her pc crashes from time to time : So does she ! We where on the verge of going to bed when I heard a big bang and when I rushed to the scene , found out that Nyana had fallen down a couple of stairs. A big scare, a bruised hand, and a cracked spoke in the stairs 'armrest (?) ' was the conclusion. (big scare for me too). Luckily it wasn't so bad. What can you say : balance is fragile and gravity is a bitch !

While I’m driving to work these day's I’ve noticed spring is in the air. Not only can you smell it .. I can also see the darkness reside further and further into the night. Dawn creeps closer and closer towards my moments of departure and I find myself driving through a well-lit world on my way to work. As nights velvet cloak is pushed away , I see for the first time just what lies between my home and the place where I work. Away is the dark but intimate blackness that engulfed my these last few months. Gone is the bubble of light around me … gently blown by headlights and the display of my soothing Ipod. Now prudent sunrays dance over the horizon. Somehow it makes me feel lonely. Realizing just how many miles and landscapes lie between home and work … makes me feel I’m in a galaxy far far away. So gone is the cover of night.. the realm of shadows and headlights. Times are changing as I flow into another moment in eternity.

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