Monday comes and goes again. Spent some time in the car catching up on my podcasts and spacing out with the vibes casted by (loooove that). Got home and had about an hour of free time (yes ! Free time) to squander. Wasted half of that on messing around with my sound equipment to see if I could not get a functional studio setup together using just my pc , my hercules DJ console and my Ibook. Several test and curses later I decided the only way to get the setup working the way I want it to is by using a mixer ( for mixing sounds) Now I used to be a dj for eight years and only sold my remaining DJ equipment last summer because it was just lying around anyway. (I had not used it for some years) So yesterday I was pretty damn mad at myself cause I wished I hadn't sold it all. But back then podcasting didn't exist yett (DAMN!) Still.. So its out to the shop tonight to see if I can pick up a simple mixer to do my thing. The urge to game a little overpowered me not much later and I found out that together with my Half life 2 I got Counter Strike. This kick-ass game used to be one of my favorites. But after playing on line for 20 minutes I realized I sucked at THAT too (haven't played in a long time). Swift came over at six and we did some work for school (along with consuming Grande Cappuccino’s) Tinkered around with a script to update our websites automatically and annoyed Nyana for the most part. It was fun to mess around with some html-stuff and feel the challenge to get it working once again. (and its fun when you have company to do it with). So before getting to geeky i'll just leave it at that. Couched-out with my Ibook and ended up talking to Nyana for a bit before going to bed. (barely looked at the tv that was playing) So… I guess it was a nice evening (one of the few evenings i'm home these days). Speaking of TV, apart from podcasting (broadcasting audio over the internet) there is also Videoblogging (making your own tv show and sending that over the net) How that works and what it has to offer is something i would like to check out too so i found this : Select your shows , download them to your pc (mac) and there ya go. I'm gonna mess around with it a while , see how it goes and if there is something more interesting on the 'vloggosphere' then on regular TV. Should not be that hard to beat ! :).
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