In my never ending quest to find interesting Linux Distributions I have stumbled upon this little gem called Uberstudent. A Ubuntu-Derivative targeted at the student or the educational professional. It takes me back to the days of College Linux, an obscure little distribution that got me started in running Linux back in 2003. ( It’s long dead now , I only found some vague mention online)

What I liked about College Linux was the apps it came with but also all the cool links. These days distro’s focus on the kernel and the graphical interface, but seldom look at the functionality they can offer to their target audience. Like college Linux, Ubuerstudent does just that. The graphical user interface and the included apps are good, but the web based links and services included in the start menu are a true treasure trove. As an educational (or knowledge junkie) distro , Uberstudent is top notch and worth to give it a try.  Find Uberstudent here.

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