Getting my Macbook Pro.

Apr 05

macbookThere are days in your life that you can’t wait for your alarm clock to go off and herald in another day. Like for example your first day when you got to go to the "big school" ( Back when you where a naive kid ) or many of those christmas mornings. Today is one of those days for me, cause quite frankly it is a little bit of christmas morning for me. Unfortunately the guy in the red suit coughing up the dinero will be me since i’m paying this little extravaganza out of my own pocket. But not to worry : I have been an good boy and I have been saving up. For today i’m going to get my first ever Macbook Pro. Ever since the first day I owned a Mac i’ve been "jonesing" for one of these, and now with selling the house, selling the old Ibook and being a "I won’t blow cash on silly gadgets" nazi when it comes to my own cash, I can go out and get me one. I have owned a G4 powerbook (a 17 inch model) which is very nice to work on (wonderful thingie) I’m more in more in need of a powerfull beasty to take with me on the road. And the new Peryn processor, some extra ram and a faster drive in the Macbook I bought, hopefully make sure I get my wish.

I ordered my Macbook Pro in Germany (we only live about 60 miles of the German border) and there is a very good shop over there that sells Macs. When assembled my order on the Apple webshop I almost had a stroke when I went from 2 to 4 gigs of ram on the standard configuration. 360 euro’s EXTRA ? For two more gigabytes ? 130 euro’s extra for a 7200rpm drive instead of a 5400 ? Man, this baby was expensive and I was tempted to go for the standard model. But the store in Germany made me a very nice quote. 90 euro’s extra for the faster hard drive and (drum roll please) 85 euro’s extra for the extra 2 gigs of ram ! WTF ! ! ! ! 320 euro”s on the Apple store ?  ? Does Steve Jobs screw in the memory sticks himself ?  I mean everywhere on the planet prices of Ram drop dramatically, except in Cupertino. There Steve Jobs reality distortion field also disrupts the common laws of offer and demand and keeps prices at an insane level.

So my German friends helped me (and my hard earned cash) out very well. This afternoon i’m off to Aachen to pick up my new portable best friend that will help me get through the coming weeks of "Boxing and moving" while still having a powerful computer to produce the podcast from and stuff. I’ll try to keep my greedy claws away from the box until we get home and I can give the thing a "proper unboxing ceremony" with the pictures to match.

Oh hell now I sound like a fanboy ! … Not good .. Not good at all !


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