Finally, I’m back with another blogpost. Don"t know how many times i’ve started over, my brain somehow turning to liquid gellato halfway along the post. Reason for that is a total overload of stuff to do at work. Having to wear "different hats" all the time, (Sales, Sys admin, Developer, Helpdesk) is a very challenging situation (I morph faster then a changeling). But the end result is, just like with Odo on Star Trek, that my cerebral functions tend to liquify whenever I get home. So today I crawled behind my powerbook to write at about 7.30 am, before going to work.

The last few days have been quite hectic. The "big move" now coming ever closer. When I look around me more and more boxes are lining the walls as Nyana uses the spare time she has in the morning to pack stuff in and get it ready for shipping. I’ve even packed up my Imac ( the last remaining desktop in the house ) after Leopard died on me during an update. I’ll reinstall the Imac from scratch once we touch base in the new pad. So i’ll manage to survive on my old second hand 17" G4 powerbook ( that is not worth the name portable, its just too darn sluggish, but will do nicely as a stand in for the Imac) I’ll ride out the last three weeks without the Imac, since I need to get ready for a bit of a mobile life anyway.`

Because when I look at the near future, its going to be a little bit of an adventurous ride. Packing everything in, Moving, Touching down in our new house (that we have only sparsely visited to take some measures) Its going to be like crash landing on a a strange planet for me. When we moved here, we had had 2 months to prepare, we had been renovating and fixing up things BEFORE we actually moved in. With the new pad, we don"t have a lot of renovating to do, the "moving in" is going to be even more abrupt. No time to scan out the new place in absolute detail, walk around, take a look at where I’m gonna run my cabling, where I’m gonna set up everything and all that. Sure we have been there on one or two occasions , quickly taking measurements for the placement of a new window or door, but since the house is still occupied, those visits are not very extensive. So its going to be a bit different this time.

The renovations that we need to do (there are only a few) are going to be done once we live there. So its gonna be a little "dust and paint" for a few weeks. Thus setting up the full blown computer – core is going to have to wait until that dust has settled. It makes me very very happy that I’ve ordered my 15" Macbook Pro BEFORE the move instead of waiting untill we got there. It will at least give me the ability to work on a powerful system in the absence of "the big workstation". Its quite funny once you think of it. Working wirelessly, only using laptops is the dream of many computer user. As for us its kind of an "emergency survival scenario") Guess we are just weird geeks.

So as the countdown clicks away I’m browsing the web for some cool idea"s on how to setup my computer workstation. Sites like Ikea Hacker give me some directions but its hard to choose between a stark minimalistic and very stylish setup and the cluttered, over-the-top, bring-in-neo-and-the-rest-of-the-matrix overcrowded setup. Sigh 🙂 Its gonna take a lot of doodles until i figure that one out.


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