The first time I saw him, I went like "What the frack is this ?" Some rubber handpuppet in the form of a dog with a sigar in his mouth ? Why is he shouting at all those star wars fans .. And why haven't they beaten him up yett ? (oh yes,  cause they are nerds). It was one of the most bizarre opening scenes to "yet-another-internet-flick" that I got in my Email. 20 minutes later, after playing the video in its totality, tears where rolling down my cheeks with laughter. Even after watching the flick for five times it still cracked me up. I had discovered Conan O'briens Insult Comic dog .. Triumph.
It all took of from then, In those pre-youtube days one actually had to digg (no , not that kind of digg) around for videos. So my schoolbuddy Swift and me spent hours scrounging the net for new little flicks of our favorite insult comic dog. The line " For me to Poop On" became a classic and everybody started looking at us funny, whenever we said it. But the bottom line is : Triumph is a part of the internet Cult. An inside joke with geeks, a running gag with nerds. Perhaps his memory has faded away in this fast moving digital timeline as even the Numa-Numa kid wants to get back into the action…. But just for old times sake : The clip that started a revolution.
Triumph at Star Wars.
Ps : Don't crap your pants when the Dragonslayer enters the picture.  

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