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Nov 20

Aaah, another great weekend has come and unfortunately gone. A weekend full of fun stuff, and also full of rest and relaxation. Some part of that relaxation was spent in front of the TV. Still a dominant channel of entertainment in most homes (i do say MOST homes) it offers sparse recreational value in the form of Sitcoms, Reality shows and of course movies. But being the digital sluts that we are, it has become hard for us to sit down in front of the tube, set our brains to runlevel one and start zapping or consuming this linear form of entertainment. Most of the time WHEN we even watch tv its allmost always with our laptops perched up in front of us. Peering over the computerscreen at the tv realy shows that it is only a secundary form of entertainment for us. 

Old things and boomin stuff. 

vulcanoBut sometimes we DO watch the weirdest things. Only yesterday, the Antiques roadshow on the BBC grabbed our attention. This is a show where people come with their old stuff and have it valued on tv. Most of the time THEY think its worth something while in reality it is not. Yet sometimes the roles are reversed and stuff that was deemed ripe for the looney bin gets estimated at thousands of pounds. Its about the nerdiest lamest show on the BBC, yet it caught our eye yesterday. After that it was a breathtaking documentary about the biggest eruption of mount PinaTubo in the Phillipines. Now National Geographic is a wonderfull source of info. But with this documentary the human mind just could not fathem the size of the event. The millions of tonns of ashes, the temperatures and the pressure that where associated with this eruption are just beyond the realm of imagination. The best quote to visualise the terrential rains mixing in with the ashes in the atmosphere was that " It rained concrete ". It kept us glued to the tube ! 


Google Lectures !!!! 

videoSo in hindsight i must say : We are information junkies. We like some brainless shit-com from time to time, but if you DO want to keep us occupied feed us some information. So why not go to the one stop information shop on the net ?  Google ! I'm no G-slut (well , perhaps I am) but they offer their own internal educational lectures up on Google Video. This lets you be one of the boys over at google and watch lectures about all kinds of things. You can see a full list HERE.  So thats pretty darn cool ! I've browsed through some topics and must say this is realy something to watch not only to spend the time, but to get smarter in the process. This information crack-whore is going to get her fix here !  You can even download them !

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