Combine your brain and your GPS.

Apr 18
Thing A Week: Code Monkey, originally uploaded by jawboneradio.

One of the great things of being a cyber-citizen is the fact that one does not need to worry about the weather. If its hot or cold, sunny or rainy.. I seldom give the preverbial excrement because … I'm inside too much. So my fiancé decided to take care of that.

Combine your brain and your GPS : Me and Nyana had a lovely lovely easter weekend this week. Doing some shopping in Hasselt on Saturday, lounging out all day long sunday and going for a wonderfull trip to the seaside on monday. And we could not have picked a better day. Great weather, nice cappuchino's.. you know the drill. And as usual when we got back : Traffic jams ! Now one of the tricks here is to use technology in a way that IT works for YOU and not the other way around. As everybody around me followed their GPS blindly they all ended up in the same traffic jam. The trick is to disengage the GPS system but let the 'map view' run. So you can see an actual map from where you are. Next zoom out untill you see your possible destination and calculate your own shortcut. Now I must say it takes two to play this game. One looks at the map and calls out directions, the other drives. But what do ya know ? It worked like a charm. We cut in in front of the jam an were on our merry way. (plus having the privilege of hearing the most sexy gps voice ever : my fiancé). So letting tech work for you does not always mean you have stop thinking. Sometimes disengaging 'the auto' and flying manual with instrumentation can get you farther .. faster …

PS : illustration is by my good friend LEN , more can be found at

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