Transformer Nostalgia.

Apr 14

sutransform2, originally uploaded by Jrchiou.

Classic Transformer Nostalgia. Well, with easter coming up its once again time for children to dive into the backyards of their parents on sundaymorning. There they can look for hidden chocolate eggs and stuff their belly's like there is no tomorrow. The will be walking around with a Joker-like smile for days as the brows streaks of chocolate enhance their pale freshly stuffed faces. Right up to the point where they puke their sorry little brains out only to vow crying that they will NEVER EVER touch the brown stuff again. Well.. Thats was how it used to go in my days. We would get tons of candy and ONE toy. Everything would be hidden in the garden and the toy was mostly the hardest to find. So easter sunday 1985 I got my first Transformer Robot. The evil beetle 'Shrapnell' Decipticon Insecticon and general bad ass. He was the first of a rather large collection of transformers I aquired over the next twenty-so years. I don't know why but occasionaly I jump into the toystore to take a look at the Transformers on display there (only to leave disappointed because its no longer what it is used to be). Whenever I get to a Junkett I scan the blankets for old worn down Transformers. "1st Gen" or "vintage" models as the ones I look for are called today. Don't know why realy .. I mean they are cool but they also represent a peace of childhood to me. And when every once-in-a blue moon I stumble upon that one played-down little peace of forgotten times.. I think of how times change us .. They transform us from kid to adult. But unlike the Transformers.. We cannot transform back.

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