A weekend doing .. nothing.

Apr 06

Life on the edge of real and Cyberspace might be super exciting, but
once in a while we log of our systems and go "do something else". It
may seem incredible to you guyz to think of Knight and Nyana
wandering around in the land of "infinite desktop wallpaper resolution"
(the ‘real world’) but with weather like this, it should be considered
a crime to spend too much time indoors. So we geared up on Saturday
morning with a combined videoresolution of 10+8+2 megapixel (2 camera’s and a videocamera) , a combined storage capacity of 120 gig (acer aspire one) + 8 gig (Sd cards in camera’s en videocamera) and +4 gig Usb stick + 16 gig musical storage (ipod) and 1 gig storage capacity on the Iriver. Totalling at a grand ammount of .. well .. a little too much geek goodness all-together. ( i’m
not counting the resolution of our cellphone camera’s) A minimal
connection line to the Internet (constant) comprised of my Blackberry
over Gprs , with the ability to access 3G via our USB modem on the Aspire one and a maximal connection speed of 56 mbit (over open wifi) or 100 Mbit should we encounter a stray wifi
port.  The funny part is that we hardly used any of it this weekend.
Aside from snapping some pictures with our "small camera" we enjoyed
the sunshine and the great weather at the beach. On sunday we geared-down and left the netbook at home to go cruising in "the valley of the Jeker"
just south of where we live. Cruising through rolling hills, watching
the river glide through the green landscape like a silver snake and
peddling our behinds off, just to get uphill (did I tell you we don’t
have a lot of ‘physique’ ? ) We should realy start doing some more sports. And the time we DID spend holding some form of high-tech equiptment in our hands was wasted on our brand new Nintendo DSI. Playing Brain Academy, Singing along to the silly songs of Rayman Rayving Rabbits II or pounding Klingon hide on Star Trek Tactical Assault. All of that of course while sitting outside. So instead of reading a very high – tech blogpost.. just come back later and go outside to enjoy the sunshine. Or check out or weekend on the Flickr Stream .

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