Wobbly Windows for everyone ! Beryl and Compiz in Ubuntu.

Jul 30

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about the new Feisty Distro of Ubuntu Linux are the Compiz and Beryl additions to the Gnome and KDE desktop. For those of you who think I'm "Geordi-la-Forging" ( Pulling techterms out of my butt) let me simplify it for you : What Rox about Ubuntu are the wicked wobbly windows ! An amazing little peace of eyecandy that does much more then liven up the way you interact with your computer. Forget play-doh like blue Xp-desktops : Lets Wobble the windows in Linux, Spin the desktop cube, exposé-away and more. Honestly.. When you line up a Beryl-enhanced Ubuntu desktop with an XP or even a Mac .. THe Ubuntu machine looks like Marty Mcfly brought it over from the 22nd century.




What however IS a bitch is getting it all setup and working nicely. Sure there have been some enhancements done in Feisty making it all a lot simpler .. but the simple "enable desktop effects" option you have leaves the geek in my lacking. And if you cant get everything working right away.. you are screwed. Thus enter Kevin Vanzonneveld who has written up a little script that does some serious lovemaking between Compiz, Beryl, Gnome and your Ubuntu machine. So this way you can have both : The time to go out.. get drunk and score a girlfriend .. but still have wobbly windows in your Ubuntu. Check out his manual and enjoy.

Links : Kevins Beryl-Compiz-breadcrumbtrail.


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