The say you can find just about everything on the internet, and if "they" say that , its probably true. From the formula for a perfect Café Latte to the formula for an atom bomb, from pictures of kittens to full out FluffyPron ( hello @woollymittens 😉 ) There is indeed no source of information more powerful then "The interwebs". One side of the net that has been "under – appreciated " for providing us with valuable information is Youtube. Sure enough, "The Tube" is awesome for entertainment. Posting little flicks of you best friend face-planting his fresh nosejob into gray unforgiving concrete is hilarious (and a wonderful tribute to gravity), but youtube has more to offer sometimes. Personally I see Youtube as a great source for "instructional" videos. Wether its on some DYI work (putting up Cornishes in my office) or for something as simple as walking your dog. Our Dobberman Dog "Lot’cha" (Klingon for : I’ll tear your nuts out with my bare teeth if you bring that copy of Windows Millenium into this house) is a super-sweet dog, but VERY enthusiastic when we go on walks. Needles to say she can yank her (and my) chain so hard, I am positive that my right arm MUST be longer then my left one. So yesterday , after another tug-of-war between my and my beloved K9, I hit the youtubes for some short and informative videos on "how to walk your dog". And behold ! it is FULL of it ! No longer do you need to worry about reading through an enormous amount of texts and instructions, Youtube can be the perfect source for short, informative, compressed and handy instructional video’s.



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