Timewarp : A post from the Knightwise Website April 25th 2005

May 03

living roomI would love to hear the sound one day… Of how things once used to be.
Of ring tones drowned out by the sounds of a ticking clock.
Pings of MSN absent as only the chimes of the hours ring over the wooden floors.
The hum of the computer is only the gentle flicker of an oil lamp.
and the sound of the microwave is now the sudden pop and hiss of wood in the fireplace.
No cars, no mopeds.. A ring of a bicycle bell and distant horses in the background.
A salesman in a far away street … selling chestnuts in the gentle rain.
The laptop on my hands turns into an old book.. Both full of textures and aromas from fascinating stories as long gone as the time I am in right now.
No cd roms and hard drives.. Just stacks and stacks of books… wall to wall all around me.

I smell the musky air of carpets cleaned with salt and sweat. Hear the gentle thud of bare feet shuffling over the staircase. As the enters only the creak of the lock floats in the silence and the rustle of her robes.
Her scent wraps itself around me even before her gentle hands touch my cheek. "Hello my love .." She whispers. " I have brought you the evening paper and sent the servants home. No one will come for us tonight"
I lay my hand upon her frail form and look into the eyes of the one that the servants call "milady". I smile at her and recite the poem I once learned long ago.
You and me my love .. In the silence of our souls we are the only sounds there are to hear.

I suddenly jerk awake at the sound of an Ibook running low on power... Back in the 21st century.. Surrounded by the information age Communication channels crawling around my leggs like hissing snakes.. Their poison the evil of disturbance and distraction. I sigh…How I long for that dream called… “ Incommunicado. “

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