Nature never stops to amaze me with its beauty. Barely forgotten were the sandy beaches of Sangatte where rows of wooden poles broke the rippling sand-dunes of the desolated beach, when on monday, we entered the city of Maastricht. There we where confronted with different patterns. Patterns designed by man. Designed by very talented architects who helped transform these greasy back-streets into designer docksides full of new apartments and shops. On one side of the river we find new shops and avenues that rip the centre of town wide open and let the people spill out onto the classy docksides. On the other side of the river a leisurly park glides across the bank with small apartments dotting the horizon. In the middle a stark steel cable bridge that binds the borders to the clouds. Too nice to pass up on I pulled out my digital camera and shot some pictures. Enjoy the city of Maastricht under a start blue sky.

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