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Dec 04

First day of the week and allready a ton of stuff to do. Still rounding up the Knightcast episode 38 with quite a bit of post productionwork ahead. But it will all be worth it so stay tuned for the next episode.

GeekMeanwhile I thought I would share another weekly dose of Knightwise with you and point to you this weeks episode of The Global Geek Podcast. A technology podcast that I do together with my Australian friend Dave Gray about Web 2.0 developements, tech news and the pulse of the net as it exists today. Featuring cool reviews of applications, sites and services and the occasional interview. This week we have Jason Vahn over as a guest, giving us a business side angle at the stories we cover.

It turns out to be quite a hilarious episode, both at Daves and my expense. As I hammer down on him for falling of a chair and I get squashed for using Media player 10. So beam over to and enjoy !!!


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