The world at your doorstep.

Living on the edge of real and cyberspace is like living on a very very small planet. With all the communicational tools that are at our disposal (like Email, Skype, Instant messaging and what have you) distance is no longer an issue. Ok, I bedazzle people around my by saying I talk to my friends in Australia, the UK, the US and all over the globe on a daily basis, but to us (me and my wife) it is become quite ordinary. Ok, At first it was cool , a novelty to chat to these people, but now they have become part of our world. Like calling up your buddy who lives across the street to hang out and have a soda, we “Voip” across the planet and have interesting or sometimes even senseless conversations with the dudes and galls we know.
Next up you start to get to know your heroes. Listening to other podcasts and doing podcasts of your own gets you in touch with the people behind the shows. Its always amazing to see how open and friendly everybody is. Cause deep down they are all just geeks like you and me and love to meet their listeners.
But once in a while that social-cyber-circle becomes very real and tangible. Yesterday was one of those days. Coming home to an envelope of the US mail , with inside a prize I won on Jawbone Radio, made me realize just how big this planet is. When we got married Seb and Dave sent us a card that had traveled the globe and yesterday I got mail from the US. No matter how in tune with cyberspace you are .. When something tangible comes along that you can actually TOUCH , that brakes through the virtual relations with its physical presence .. its quite something. It makes the cyberspace very very real.

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