Episode 29


The Knightcast Episode 29 : Use the web 2.0 style / A life online.

Direct link to the show :https://knightwise.com/podcasts/kc100506.mp3 


In show 29 we give you Rambo style survival lessons on how to survive in the real world with only a computer, a browser and an internet connection. We review web 2.0 based email, office applications, online storage, news aggregators and much much more. Your mobile office from anywhere, anytime anyhow using any computer, as long as it has …. a browser and an internet connection. Check out show 29 as we cross thunderstorms and rage through fire on the freeway to tune teck into your way of life.


  • Intro
  • What is the web 2.0


  • Online newsreader.


  • Online Voicemail

  •  Online chatting

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