The end of classic Media.

Show number 20, Life on a Stick still has to be mixed down … and allready i'm working on another edition of the Knightcast… Its twelve o'clock at night and sleep is the farthest thing from my mind. Surrounded by the silence of the night the only sounds i'm hearing come from my ever growing Itunes music library. As I browse through its content I notice that I somehow am preferring podcasts or independant artists over my enormous cd collection I converted to mp3. In the back of the room our PVR-computer sits useless in the corner. Untill a few months ago its tv-tuner card played content on a daily bases.. As I peered over the edge of my screen at mainstream television .. it offered me a minute distraction and even piked my interest long enough to let me get up and watch some 'old school tv'. But somehow I have a gut feeling that it too will suffer what its brother-radio has suffered. Total deprivation of its users attention. As podcasting drove away the need to listen to standard radio.. the ever shifting palet of content I can wade through will undoubtably alienate me from 'the tube' as well. Somtimes its good to stop .. to stop.. look around and look at what has changed in the last five years.. And not only how man changed technology .. but more importantly .. how technology has affected us.. Once again we stand before the boundries of a new world : Where video is mobile and content is highly selectable. The last giants of linear media shriek their deathcry as I tune out of mainstream programming … and build my own selection .. of what I REALY want to watch…

These are once again.. Interesting times.

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