Tune up your Google Ninja Skills.

Google ! For it is the beginning and the end of the internet for most of us. The ultimate search tool for most of us, the homepage for even more. But what do we type into that little search box. Aside from “Alyson Hannigan Bikini pictures” (a simple but essential search query, there is so much more then you can get out of this little box.  We give you some tips.

Let Google hold your hand.

The painfully simple start of search. Obvious for many but obscure for even more. Ever seen auntie Joe type in “www.facebook.com” in the  Google search box and click on the first (sponsored) link ? Aaarg ! ! !  Send her THIS LINK and get her started.

Let go of the mouse ! 

Ninja’s don’t use mice ! Even the Ninja Turtles didn’t have a mouse .. (Wait , they had a Rat .. never mind, bad example). Speed up your Google skills with some awesome keyboard shortcuts

 Talk to da Google !

If you are the proud owner of a Google Nexus tablet or phone,  you might want to try out Google Now.  The concept of ‘The information you need, just when you need it” might be interesting. What is way more cooler is that you can talk to it … and you don’t have to call her Baby .. erm .. Siri.  Get started with Google Now here.

The Google Cheat sheet.

We love our little cheat sheets so much , we cannot help ourselves then to say the words “Cheat Sheet” 10 times in rapid succession and give you a download link to Ultralinx “How To Google”.

So we hope you find what you are looking for .. if not .. there is still good old Altavista.

Share your favorite Google tips with us in the comments section.

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Funny things those Macs. I remember, back in the days when I was a Windows user, I spent ages trying to get stuff OUT of my task bar (the one near the clock). Whenever I installed an app on Windows it seemed hell-bent on pooping down its own little icon that would not only eat up system recourses, but also bug my ‘I-must-have-a-clean-system-OCD Compulsion. On OSX its the other way around. Your task bar (top right, near the clock) is scarily populated at all and the geekism lies in finding the right productivity apps to put on there.  We have found this little list that will help you populate that pristine piece of desktop real estate with some effective apps.  Personally I do miss “Tab for google+” that can be found in the app store and that has brought Google+ and me .. closer together (read : Distracted me from doing important stuff and watching kittens instead). Enjoy !

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