KW Videoblog for 6-15. Drunk dialing half your community and a call to arms.

We pick up the weekly video blog tradition at to give you a peek behind the scenes of whats going down. I talk about the new google hangout client and how I accidently connected 62 ‘wiseguys’ from over the world AND how YOU can contribute to the community. We also ask you whether or not you want these episodes in the mediafeed or on just on the blog. In short : It’s time for your feedback people.


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Behind the Scenes : How a “Storytime” episode is recorded.

How about taking a peek behind the scenes at as we show you just how the magic is created. When recording this weeks podcast I decided to combine the recording with a Google Hangout session where people can join and watch what i’m currently doing. The show will be released tomorrow, but if you are an early bird (or a curious one) you might want to check out this livestream. It has bloopers, a deleted scene and a talking plant ! So there ! Here is the rough cut of KW407 : Storytime. 


For those interested in the “Finished Product”  : You can find the actual show here.

So, was the recording process as ‘Magical’ as you thought ? Have any questions on the gear we use or the way we do things ? Drop them in the comments section. 

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