"Star trek on the brain"  by Sebastian Prooth.

I think this entry needs a bit of an introduction. The following is an excerpt from the book that I am writing, it is a section from the chapter about Star Trek on the Brain, a condition which I have decided to make a real illness and as an illness I had and got over, I can perscribe some treatment methods. Check it out, tell me what you think…its just a little section from what I have written. Those who have been reading my blog for a while know I have been writing a book for a while now, here is your chance to see some of it! -Sebastian Prooth

 (Please note that this is a total work in progress – spelling mistakes and errors are due to it being a draft.)

When I say to you “Did you see that shuttle?” Do you think about airport shuttles? That get you from your house to Heathrow on time? Do you think about the latest NASA effort to put a new kind of telescope in orbit? Or do you think, Ah yes, Type 6 shuttle as used by Thomas Eugene Paris to cross the warp 10 barrier, if you can name the episode give yourself an extra point, the season, hell give yourself 2 extra points! This is evident one thing, Star Trek on the brain. I first noticed this condition about seven years ago when I was in Arizona and attending Middle School. I would “imagine” tha t I had a phaser of the boomerang variety on my belt as I would go about my daily business. At the time this did not seem at all unusual to me. Now when I think about it this is absolutely terrifying. It’s a good thing I didn’t go up to someone and say, “Asshole! You knocked the phaser out of my holster!” when there was nothing there.

The condition which I have dubbed Star Trek on the mind still affects me to this day and I am still getting over it. With the amount of bombarding I have done to my brain with Star Trek in the past 15 years its no wonder how I have become somewhat “ill” from the actual “abuse” of the drug of what we all know as Star Trek.

I think Star Trek on the brain could be explained very easily as too much of a good thing becomes bad. A tired cliché to explain the process of becoming so saturated by this “good thing” that you become dependant on its presence in your life. And I am not I repeat not sitting here trying to insult Star Trek fans, but I have seen some who are worse than me and not worrying about it. Names can remain to be seen but I will sight direct examples and the ones with the problem will know it is them and if you think it’s you and it’s not, you must have the same problem so listen to my advice anyway!

People who have “Star Trek” rooms in their houses, playsets that are life size of Captain Kirk’s chair, people who get excited because they have a piece of the equipment locker that was covered in carpet at the side of the bridge during one of the filming sessions of Star Trek The Next Generation, to name a few. Now I will not preach and sit here an claim to be a total angel. I know I am not an angel, infact I used to be one of these people, who would be quite happy to sit here an stare at the pictures of people’s collections.

You can like Star Trek, hell you can love Star Trek, before it becomes an obsession, before it becomes your life. Before a few months ago, I lived an breathed Star Trek, it was terrible I would sit through DVDs of Star Trek the Next Generation, Enterprise and Voyager over and over picking out small inconsistencies with their costumes, props, sets or anything else I could nitpick.

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