Eurosong CoocooLand ! 

 Just a quick post before I leave today, thanx to Codemonkey Rob for pointing this one out. As you might know the eurovision song contest was held in Greece this weekend. We Belgians got the boot at the semi finals so I was not very interested in watching it. But after Codemonkey Rob went jumping up and down about the hilarious entry from ICELAND I went searching for some video material. (thank you YouTube). Now I'm not saying the Belgian contribution was original by ANY means, but it was entertaining to listen to. And it had a sence of normality to it that apparently is lacking from the Eurovision Song Contest these last years. When you look at the winners ( Finland ) who had just about sent over a whole bunch of hardcore rocking Uru-Khai (Trolls) complete with fireworks and all, ICELAND took the cake with this semi psychidelic, soft-porn, Betty-boop-esque charade of a song. I mysellf like the part where she calls up GOD and calls him ' Yow Dogg !'. From personal experience I KNOW Icelandic people can be a bit coocoo by times but THIS makes Bjork want to think about changing her nationality.  It looks like Eurosong somehow has turned into this parody, this freak-tv that people will watch and where they will vote for their neighbouring countries only. Favoritism mixed with freakishly dressed trolls, bubbling pornstars calling God and the trick where they take off their pants re-used for the 60th time. Yawn !

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