Purple and Brown : Morning cartoons extra-ordinaire.

Jul 10

Aaah 🙂 Vacation ! Holiday ! Time-out ! Time off ! Doing blissfully absolutely NOTHING right up to some preposterous hour in the morning. Just lying on the couch watching Kids TV ! We might be in our thirties but on a Sunday morning we like NOTHING more then plant our pijama-wearing booties in the salon, cover up in a big blanket, whip up a big cappuchino and .. watch nickelodeon. Although most of these shows are supposed to be for kids .. (yeah right) some of them are downright hilarious. Take for example : " Purple and Brown " Completely absurd stop-motion clay animation that has a definite "Monty Python" smell to it. No matter how many times you watch them, the continue to amuse you. Bless You-tube and copyright violators for dragging the stuff towards the online world so we can share it with all of you.  (Ps : watch 5 of these movies and you'll be doing the silly laugh routine all day long)

Links  : Purple and Brown on the Wiki.   More of them on Youtube.


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