With the first day of our annual vacation kicking in, it was time to celebrate. Celebrate what ? The coming of the (so far pretty wet) summer ? The annual beaching of the Nagatomian Jellyfish ? The fact that I my socks on the right way from the first try ? No, actually .. Me and my "wife" (i'm finally used to saying that now) have been married for a year yesterday. So for our 'first anniversary' we went back to the place where wee celebrated our honeymoon (and have been on holiday quite a few times, cause we just like it there) Before the dawn was up we where in the car on our way to France (Boulogne, to be precise). Ever since my first bike-holiday there (where I drove from Oostende to Le Havre) we both have always had a thing for the 'opal coast" as it is called. Lining the north-west side of France, trimming along the small gap that separates the Uk from the mainland. 




So I have shot some nice pictures in Boulogne (Lets see if you can spot the "dying cylon' ) and grabbed some shots of the sun setting in the Belgian Coastal town of Oostende where we camped out just before we left.

Take a look at the entire series HERE.  


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