hmm. time for another update, trying to find the balance between techno babble and Babylon-doom-style posts. Not easy though. Start of with the practical stuff i guess. Yesterday i decided to skip class because i was just to damn tired. Almost ran a red light in the morning and felt all fuzzy all day long. One does need more sleep ! The whole Babylon scenario is more energy-draining then i expected. Add to that some fun filled weekends (cause one has to set ones mind of things) and by the middle of the week I’m just about ready to star in 'revenge of the sleep deprived zombies'. So i took the 307 southbound instead of school bound yesterday and crashed on the couch the minute I got home (and fell asleep). Maggie (our cat) came purring up and nestled himself on top of me instantly .. We fell asleep together ( i do envy our cat, he gets to sleep all day long !). Sas came home at about 7 and we went out for fries (i HATED getting up and going outside, I’m very moody when I’m tired) Watched some TV in the evening (I tried to sleep but I cant sleep with the TV on) Went to sleep at about 9 and cursed the damn tube. I am starting to hate TV (cause its linear / one-way entertainment) (and for that , i get irritated pretty fast by radio too). Am i so used to the internet, digital on demand radio and downloading the stuff i like ? Don't know. I just think its a petty people just sit there and stare at the tube (with absolutely NO quality shows) Yes, one could argue that sitting behind the computer is the same thing. But then you are interacting with SOMEONE. .. Perhaps I just feel the drag of not being home enough (always on the road). Its weird keeping in touch via Chat and Email with your own fiancé (even if we DO live in the same house) But we don't get to spend much time together. (ok , we sleep together , but that’s beside the point) I've calculated how much time we get to spend together over the week. Monday / Tuesday: 3 hours (7pm to about 10pm) Wednesday / Thursday (nothing , i get home at 11pm) Friday (about three hours , sometimes more if we go out) And the rest ? Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday. That’s it. Imagine us having kids ? We could set them up for adoption from day one cause we would never be home to take care of them. Lol.

Well , thank heavens for the internet . If it weren’t for the internet I would be lost. Me and Sas keep in touch over Email and chat, I am working on more ways to stay 'connected' when i'm away and its all trough the net. Oh bless you Berkeley !!

Speaking of Berkeley. they invented BSD (a Linux distribution) and guess what . A variation of BSD is the core of apple's OSX .. and Apple OSX runs on… MY IBOOOK !!!! (and i told you about that , didn't I). Of to another busy weekend : Mobile-man AWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

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