Been a while since my last post. I have decided to let all the bad stuff flow away in this post. Don't feel like getting all wrapped up in it all over again. Yes , Babylon is still burning but I’m getting a bit used to the heat of the fire right now. The biggest challenge i have right now is the demand of my time. I'm swamped with stuff to do and things to arrange (its almost like the time when we where renovating our house) but I’m trying to cope with it. I face one of my biggest challenges everyday : Saying NO to people (messed up big time again yesterday by letting people take control of my time and just buckling instead of standing my ground). The only one who is fucked is Me (and Saskia) whenever my agenda is invaded with requests from others. It's hard saying no.. but as it turns out I’m going to have to learn it someday. I don't have anything planned yett for tonight (from 5 to 7 pm) so i have decided to take myself out for a cup of coffee (i have been planning this for three weeks in a row) and by god, I’m going to do it !. Just me .. and my Ibook (did i mention it arrived ?)

Yep , its here , from last Thursday i'm a proud mac owner and am enjoying my little 12" white buddy very much. Even bought myself a new tiny backpack to fit it all in and i am extremely pleased with my new outfit. Went to Aachen last week (did a beeline from Antwerp to Aachen to Hasselt just to be on time to pick it up).

I've started to realize I’m living a whole different life these days. I'm out the door so much that i hardly get the chance to sit down at my desk and do the work thats lying around there. I've been trying to come up with a ' techno survival pack' that helps mee 'keep in touch' with my 'home base'. Its quite difficult making your entire techno-surrounding adaptable to a life on the road. Its more then turning your office into a 'mobile office'. I'm trying to turn my 'life' into 'a-life-DOT-mobile'. (I’m techno ranting again.) But think of it as a cross-platform-opensourced-remotely-connected-portable-lifestyle. Now THERE is a title for an essay.

Because i am on the road this much I’m building this 'mobile lifestyle kit' in order to be able to survive while on the road and stay connected and in touch with my life at home. The way it looks right now it's pretty useless having all my stuff stored on my pc at home. So i'll just have to figure out a way to "get myself connected". The 'mobile office' i'm building is going to be just that. No matter where i go , I’ve got to have 'connectivity' or at least be able to work. So , First-class , web mail , vpn connections , war driving , Gmail , remote file access , remote desktop, blogging etc etc…. . it is going to have to come together to give me a virtual connection to my 'base-life'. Even in the weekends I’m out the door a lot so its imperative i get this stuff to work. (now here is a challenge 🙂 )

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