Moving is like Christmas in reverse

May 04

Today's LiveJournal quote : "Moving is like Christmas in reverse, you put everything back in boxes and tidy up the house" .. The 'shuffle all songs' function on my ipod does take me on a journey of music and makes the strangest combinations in songs making my moods swing up and down like a kangaroos tampon.

Meanwhile the chaos continues at the Knightscastle. Managed to break the receiver from one of my Logitech Wireless keyboards yesterday (yippie) Hope i can fix it up by just tying together the wires. Went out on a spree to buy a (wired) new one (and that one types even BETTER). Must say we have always had a ball with the Logitech stuff. had the wireless keyboards for over 4 years now (daily use) and still nothing wrong with them. Love the stuff ! ! !

Did my 'good deed' of the day and installed my mandrake Linux distro on my Sempron 2400 (17" big ass tft screen , Radeon 8500 to pump the color) Its absolutely fab ! (and NO dual boot with Windows) Still some work to do before i get everything the way i want it .. But I’ll get there.

On the edge of open source despair yesterday, thinking about ditching the entire network and going back to 2 single computers, yet full of energy to carry on with the project today. That’s the way the pendulum swings sometimes. From sleepless pondering over questions like : Why can't Outlook and Imap play together like nice little children.. to total joy in finding out you can turn a cheap ass wifi router into a complete firewall solution by just flashing its BIOS with an (open source) hacked firmware. But it is very for filling to find out alternatives to 'the microsoft way'

A big thanks to the lovely nyana who has been more then patient these days in putting up with the little quirks that i still have to get out of the systems. (and being kind enough to embrace FRED , the first-class mail client that looks totally alien to outlook)

I hope to have the babies up and running by Sunday (and then i'll have my life back !)

meanwhile , in another part of my mind.

Outside snow dances down on the cold harsh ground. In my head Dj Tiesto plays another record as angelic voices sing an anthem. My thoughts fly trough space and my heart fills with an lingering joy. I float trough the cosmic nebula of my imagination and the only thing settling is a mysterious smile around my lips.

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