This weeks KWTV is a video snippet from this weeks podcast. Together with Bart Broeckx of the Belgian Ubuntu Forums we get a demonstration on how you can use your Ubuntu Live Cd for other things then just tinkering around. Imagine your Windows XP copy dies in the proverbial ass and leaves you devastated with no access to your data whatsoever. The great thing about NTFS partitions is that they cannot be accessed under DOS. That is also their weak point. So when trouble is afoot pull out that Ubuntu Live cd and learn how to access your data when Windows leaves you in the dark. The howto starts simple enough but knowing me I never like to leave it there. How does an explanation on using your Ubuntu as a live cd turn into a discussion whether or not to put sleazy webcam pictures on your sisters computer ? Watch and find out in the Uncut version of : Using Gutsy as a live Cd.

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