Knightwise is Chocolate !

Mar 26

Belgium is known for its chocolate, and now around the time of Easter, chocolate eggs are abundant in these regions. My liver is already moaning in anticipation of the far to great amount of chocolate i will be forced to consume. Yes, I say forced. Because if it where not for the chocolate easter eggs stalking me in every corner, I would not eat chocolate at all. But all that is just cheap chit chat to bring you to the heart of this tale, that basicaly just consists of a stupid picture. Thanx to C. for digging up this little gem of the website of Jaques, one of the major chocolate brands here in Belgium. Their logo is a Knight , and their latest add campaign is hilarious…. I mean . think "KNIGHTWISE" when you see these succers. … so Belgium is known for chocolate .. and the Belgian chocolate industry has a KNIGHT as their logo. So Belgium is know for .. Knightwise  ?? (or am i pushing it )






The entire set can be found HERE.


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