A few months ago I started out with my ‘new years resolution’ for 2005 : Using as much open-source cross-platform software as I possibly could. And so far that’s working out fine. With Openoffice, Mozilla, Fire, NVU, Deepburner, Freepdf, Firstclass and of course Mandrake Linux I’ve managed to stay afloat and do the things I need to have done. A few weeks ago I tried to center my focus on remote connectivity. Making sure I always had access to my data at home using VPN, remote desktop and so on. After that I went out of my way to be able to schedule and automate as much as possible in order to have my computers ‘work for me’ Podcastst downloaded automatically and sent to my Ipod, Mail Synchronized with my cell phone, Computer recording tv shows on demand, Emule downloading content that I wanted and so on. The general Idea behind this was that I did not have to set everything in motion manually. When you look at www.knightwise.com you might notice a lack of updates, when you look at the weblog you can see an abundance of updates. That is pretty typical for my next problem. I’m not at home enough to sit down behind a computer and update my webpage. Sure I can run the site from my laptop but I need to boot it up, get it connected, change the content and upload the whole shit. The thing I’m looking for is simplifying that too. I want to be able to update my on-line content with the ease I update this blogg (from any computer using just about any webbrowser) and to be able to distribute that content automatically (using RSS and XML feeds) This ‘liberation’ from a designated ‘web design-station’ towards a cross-platform / cross-workstation model is the key for my next project. What I’m basically saying is : I want to use technology to help me get my ‘life on the web’ without a lot of hassle. And a want this technology to support me in getting my stuff out there with a minimal hassle. Quick updates, fast fly by pictures and speedy podcasts with minimum hassle. THAT’S what I want. I call it : Project Liberator.

Oh yes , I’ve finally restarted my IPODDER client so I get these cool podcasts on my Ipod everyday and I must say I missed it. When you tune in to shows like the Daily source code, Yeast Radio, and the recently discovered www.spacemusic.nl these guys and galls keep me company during my long drives and are kinda like distant friends you tune into every day. Is that a sad quote ? No its not.. I just guess I’m a kid of my cyber-era and all my friends are only a few hops (and not blocks) away. Oh yes : for the curious ones ? Check this out


Listening to the podcasts in the car has cheered me up a bit, cause otherwise I just sit there and ponder over Babylon's ashes.. No more of that : Fuckitall 🙂

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