ggpWith all of the things going on this week I did not even have time to mention the last episode of the Global Geek Podcast . Saturday Dave and me threw away our routine, stepped out aof character, shot some pictures and some video ( Still have to put that up on youtube btw) and showed the listeners of the Global Geek Podcast just how the magic was made.

All in all I had a great time doing the show, but what I enjoyed most where the preparations for the episode. As we both lined out how our week evolves leading up to the recording of the Global Geek , it was nice to find out certain details that, even after working together for over six months, we did not know about each other.  Even more fun was disclosing to our listeners the amount of work that goes into the podcast, and showing them how their favorite podcast was put together.

I’m not going to spoil what is in the episode, therefore you will have to listen for yourself, but there is a little surprise at the end. Along with a clip from the very first Global Geek where you can hear a rather poor snippet of Dave’s first co-host Sebastian Prooth (and the audio quality is not so good either) Dave and I walk you through the week of a podcaster, the stress of a recording-morning, the technology required, the stress involved, but perhaps more importantly : The globe spanning friendship that has evolved between the two of us.

So have a peek and catch us out of character .. in the Global Geek Podcast number 35.

To give you guys a sneak behind the mirror, i’ll post my ‘ podcasting studio pictures ‘ here.


The podcasting studio.
From left to right : Macbook Pro, Coffee, Dual screen setup with shownotes and Skype window. And the microphone.
A nice shot of my Behringer Mixer.
A nice shot of the studio. Notice the two clocks on the wall. One on Belgian, one on Australian time.



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