Some say they have too much time on their hands, Some say they are supernerds, Some say they are the only hope for a quality-content-deprived Star Trek Starship fan like me. ( I for one am screaming out the latter). Enter the first part of the word ‘Fan Fiction’ The Fans who have been pumping out content in the forms of stories, artwork, movies, audio or in this case : Starship models.  Now we all now Star Trek fans can be enormous nerds. I’m talking uniform-wearing klingon-speaking Millhouse-style laughing superneds who will never even have sex.. Not even with their own right hand. BUT ! Some of these ‘fans’ are way much cooler then that. What am I saying : They are masters at what they do. True, the Paramount art-team does design some cool Starships from time to time. (I’m a big starship fan .. does it show ? ) But what these guys do is even more cool. Putting together one of these models with glue and stuff is hard. They take it one step further. They buy several models of existing starships, break ou the glue and the sandpaper and.. make a new ship. This are of "kitbashing" as it is called, where you smash 2 different models together and make something new can end up producing some horrible mutations (leave it up to the fans to daisy-chain 4 Constitution class secundairy hulls without any sence of style) But this guy has produced some gems.




 The Uss Langestraat (strange Dutch name for a starship, meaning "long street") is a great combination of a Miranda class starship and the terrible NX01 Enterprise from the "Enterprise" series. Talking nerd-talk here we can just look at the great design of this baby. 2 impulse engines instead of one, no secondary hull, 4 megaphaser mountings and one large shuttlebay. This looks like one fast maneuverable ship. I’m sure she gurgles down tons of Diterium slush with these impulse engines so range must be limited. But its by no  means a deep-space explorer. And just look at the level of detail on this baby. This guy is an artist ! Its thanks to these guys that fan fiction writers, fans, writers have inspiration for making Star Trek content while Paramount sucks monkeyballs in making new content for the average trekkie.  Engage !! !  (here is more )







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